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Welcome to the Felt Mansion universe.

The Felt Mansion game series is a set of fangames based on the Homestuck webcomic and developed on RPG-Maker VX Ace. The first game of the series, Felt Mansion, was released in August 2019. A few months later, in spring 2020, the spin-off fighting game Fight Mansion was released too. The second game of the main series, Felt Mansion 2 : Consort Credit, is in its final stage of development and will be released in a chapter format, one chapter at a time. The first chapter is planned for 2021. Stay tuned!



Discord: (Discord server not very active)



Play as the Beta Kids and deliver the Handmaid from the mansion of the Felt where she's being kept prisoner behind a maze of puzzles by the cunning Doc Scratch.

Denizen Echidna, from Homestuck.
Denizen Cetus, from Homestuck.
Denizen Typheus, from Homestuck.
Denizen Hephaestus, from Homestuck.


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