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Will you dare enter the mansion of the Felt?

Felt Mansion is a 2D-fangame based on the Homestuck universe, developed between November 2016 and August 2019 on RPG-Maker VX Ace. Felt Mansion is an Adventure RPG mainly focused on boss fights and exploration.

> Be the 4 Beta Kids, then complete a mission in the huge maze-like mansion of the Felt, and save the young Handmaid from the clutches of the fearsome Doc Scratch.

All Felt members in a single Mansion. Ready for some fighting?
The inside of the Felt Mansion. Consorts seem happy here.

- A world entirely based on the Homestuck universe, from the characters to the soundtracks
- A semi-realtime battle system
- Bosses with their own original combat mechanics
- Roughly 10 hours of gameplay
- Powers and abilities unlocked as the adventure unfolds
- Consorts everywhere: shopkeepers, quest givers...
- Intuitive equipment system based on lucky charms
- Various puzzles, left everywhere by the cunning Doc Scratch
- A NewGame+ mode to test your skills while enjoying a different game experience.

Stuck in the game? A Walkthrough is now available here!


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